Senior Class Trip to Carytown

We've scaled back the concept of a Senior Trip this year to get as many interested members in the Class of 2011 together in one place at one time ... and we've chosen the Byrd Theatre as our venue.  On Wednesday, February 2nd, all Seniors are invited to a free, private showing of Ferris Beuller's Day Off.  They can get permission slips from any of their class officers and must have them signed by a parent/guardian and returned by February 2nd to attend the movie.  Mrs. Germer will collect them or students can put their permission slip in the envelopes taped to the refrigerators of both Senior Commons.  All seniors are welcome and encouraged to come enjoy Carytown early, eat lunch in groups, and meet at the Byrd around 1:30pm on the 2nd to get a good seat!