Auction Is A Huge Success

The night was a total success at the new venue with over 430 guests and a record number of donations. Everyone enjoyed themselves and bid their hearts out. All night long, we heard “it’s for a good cause” and that could not be a truer statement! We raised over $70,000; the final tally will be available in the next few weeks. We are ecstatic and thrilled about that amount.

I would like to thank my auction co-chairs: Dave Henderson, Terri Clifton, and Julie Weissend. Other volunteers include Julie May, Melissa Shaw, Margie Swart, Susan L. King, David May, Elaine Hamilton, Karen Kasprzak, Jack Kasprzak, Kathie Spraggins, Chip Spraggins, Trish Molver, Kathleen Fulton, Karen Steele, Louise Woodburn, Wendy Shannon, Khiem Tran, Katherine Olson and Douglas Olson, Ellen Walk and John Walk, Patty Nicholas and Ed Nicholas, Ellen Nicholas, Oliver Goodridge, Austin Higgs, Terry Pirko and John Pirko, Peter Condro and Alice Condro, Matthew Gizzi, Bart Mebane, Debbie Beam, Trish Sigler, Faith Bohnke, Fran Withrow, Barbara Hulbert, Laura Carr, Lisa Miles, Karen Redford, Ann Majors-Hiles, Diann Liptak, Karen Redford, Bob Cervarich, Dale Hiles, Nancy Tynes, Jennifer Roach, Virginia Muse, Sharon Gizzi, Michelle Oppenhiem, Kristina Monan Page, Sarah Clifton, Brie Cifu, Daisy Banta, Krista Olson, William Redford, Timmy Early, and Fred Morton for his support of the auction. It takes a huge village to put on this huge of an event and no matter how small or how big a part of the auction you participated in, a huge thank you goes out to you all. Another huge thank you goes out to the folks who volunteered their time the night of to help sell drink tickets, checking people in, closing tables, runners, decorations, check out helpers, heads and tails raffles, set up and clean up, etc, and especially the student musicians, student chorus, the cast of Guys and Dolls, as well as their teachers and the Lounge Lizards.
The Faculty Lounge Lizards
Our corporate sponsors have a huge part in this year’s auction. Bizport donated all our printing needs as well as the banner and signage for the second year in a row. The Science Museum of Virginia hosted the event, and Commonwealth Lighting gave us a donation towards the auction. Thank you to McGuire Woods, Dominion, Leclair Ryan, and Suntrust for their monetary donations to the auction. If you know of anyone who works with these companies, please say thank you to them.
Students gave a sneak preview of "Guys & Dolls"

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If you would like to be on the auction committee next year (meetings start in June and then September), we would love to have you join us in planning the 2012 auction. Please contact one of the co-chairs or Deb Sawyer at