French Congrès Winners

A team of  MLWGS French students competed individually or in small groups in the 13th Annual Chesterfield Congrès français on Saturday, March 14. First place winners were Andrea Yeh (Level 4, Dictée) and Aateeb Khan (“Que savez-vous”, Level 3). Taking 2nd place awards were Christine Gao (Reproduction d’art) and Harry Hoke with Sara Taylor (Théâtre, Level 3+). Erica Lashley (Level 3, Récitation) won third place. Over 500 students from around the Richmond metropolitan area competed this year, with only three awards (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) in each of the ten competitions. The MLWGS “fake” flower market, manned by Sarah Weatherford and David Lehr, was also a great success selling over 500 handmade paper flowers for a “fake” euro a piece. Bravo les Dragons!