MW Future Problem Solving Team

Maggie Walker’s newly initiated Future Problem Solving Team took the State Bowl qualifying round by storm. Three teams and one individual qualified to represent Maggie Walker Governor’s School at the State Bowl competition in Franklin, Va Friday and Saturday, April 1-2. Congratulations to Alex Georgiadis, Cherie Chung, Veronica Duong, Marissa Hennelly, Eileen Wang, Darice Xue, Wil Payne, Reid Deckebach, Anand Singh, Pooja Gandhi, Sameer Sarkar, Alexis Xu, Judy Hou, Trey Nunnally, Grace Lin, and Jesse Zhao. The teams competed well -- finishing third in the State Bowl in individual and team competition. Please commend Jesse Zhao, Eileen Wang, Darice Xue, Wil Payne, and Reid Deckebach for their achievement.