MLWGS Earns Money from Area Stores

Maggie Walker families and staff deserve a pat on the back for their participation in fund raising through our business partnerships! Here's a summary of how well we did this school year:
  • Martins: 176 Maggie Walker participants. Martin's donated 1% of total sales for a grand total contribution of $1,855. The program ended March 19. Please look for information in the fall to re-enroll next year.
  • Food Lion: 106 Maggie Walker participants. This quarter's contribution is $148. This program runs year round so keep shopping at Food Lion!
  • Target: 69 Maggie Walker families have linked their Target credit cards to our school. We've earned $831 so far this school year. Keep shopping because this program runs year round!
  • Kroger: Kroger rewards schools with points that we can redeem in their catalog. Maggie Walker earned almost double the points from last year! Look what we bought for our students: 
  • (1) Portable Wireless Microphone System
  • (2) Microwaves
  • (1) Electric Duster
  • (2) 4 function calculators (used for admissions testing and SOLs)
  • (4) Double sided One Way Arrow Signs
  • (7) Wireless Presenters
Thank you for taking the time to sign up for these programs each year! As you can see, it was time and effort well spent!