Washington Post Lists MLWGS in Public Elites

Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies was recognized by the Washington Post High School Challenge 2011 as one of the 24 top-performing public schools in the nation.

“We are honored to be recognized again as one of the best American high schools,” said Maggie Walker Director Fred S. Morton IV. “Our students are served by a highly dedicated staff who recognize, nurture and celebrate the incredible talents of our young people.”

The 24 “Public Elites” schools were excluded from the regular Challenge Index because “their admission rules and standardized test scores indicate they have few or no average students.”

All of the top-performing schools are listed in alphabetical order at http://www.washingtonpost.com/top-performing-schools-with-elite-students/2011/05/17/AFcLeQ7G_story.html.

The only other Virginia school to make the list is Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Arlington.