2011 PTSA Volunteer Awards

Director Fred Morton poses with MLWGS Outstanding Volunteers:   Teri Clifton,  Denise Hennig  and Bill Yates
This year, the PTSA honored three very special MLWGS volunteers at the End of Year Volunteer Banquet. Historically, the PTSA President has selected one volunteer to receive the "Just Do It" Award (or the President's Award). This year, the PTSA created two additional awards to be given to deserving volunteers. The "Green Dragon" and the "Dragon's Lair" Awards were awarded based upon nominations received through the Smoke and Scales. If you happen to see any of these outstanding volunteers, please congratulate them for all they do for MLWGS students and their families!

The Green Dragon Award - Denise Hennig

This award recognizes someone who is a visible and active member of the volunteer community. Denise Hennig has participated in many different things over the past four years. Her involvement includes the art lock-in, robotics, the community advisory board, Reflections - and of course, managing the school store! Denise has cheerfully volunteered her time and talents over the past four years. Thank you Denise!

The Dragon's Lair Award - Teri Clifton

This award recognizes someone who works behind the scenes, not necessarily in a leadership role. In the beginning, Teri Clifton sold merchandise in The Dragon's Lair! Most recently, she has been critical to the success of "The Night of the Dragon." She began as a copy writer for the auction catalog, and then quietly assumed the responsibility of the Data Management Chair for the past two years. Next year, we're pleased that she's planning to return to mentor the incoming volunteer who will assume this role. Thank you Teri!

Just Do It Award - Bill Yates

This award recognizes someone's “body of work.” For several years, Bill Yates has been instrumental in getting things done at Maggie Walker. While not always in the public eye, this recipient has always been available to help with events and activities involving the PTSA, the Foundation and Athletic Boosters. His experience with the Boy Scouts has made him invaluable with Cross Country, Fall Festival and Homecoming logistics. Most recently, Bill spearheaded the fundraising campaign for the Athletic Pavilion (in the midst of an economic downturn). As many of you know, the Athletic Pavilion will be open this fall for all to enjoy. Thank you Bill!