Cookies and Volunteers Needed for Graduation Reception

Cookies, cookies, please bring us your creative cookies! Our school has a lovely tradition of providing home-baked cookies for new graduates, their friends and families at a reception immediately after the graduation ceremony each spring. The cookies are baked by the families of juniors, sophomores and freshmen and brought to school on the last Thursday or Friday of the school year. We are asking if families could bake 3 or 4 dozen homemade cookies, pack them in foil-lined shoe boxes (or disposable containers we can stack and transport to the graduation site) and bring them to school on the morning of June 16 or June 17. The cookies will be collected in the Blue Stone Lobby between 7:40 am and 8:40 am, where two community service hours will be awarded for this contribution to our school community (one hour awarded for store bought cookies).

This project happens during exam week! With advanced planning the cookie baking can be a fun study break. People will savor your efforts. Thank you. Charlotte Cerne (556-2287 or email