MLWGS Souvenir Donations Needed

On June 28 Michael White will escort nine students on a three-week tour of western Russia, where we will travel and study with high-school-aged Russian students from Rostov-on-Don. Students and their new Russian friends love exchanging souvenirs and small gifts as tokens of friendship and cross-cultural connections. This year’s student travelers hope to share a little piece of MLWGS with their hosts, whose generosity and kindness never fail to spark our desire to reciprocate. Might you be able to provide any MLWGS souvenirs for us to take to Russia? These souvenirs need not be large or expensive; stickers, keychains, pins and buttons and the like are much appreciated. In addition to serving as a token of goodwill, generosity and friendship across borders, these modest gifts can help spread the word of MLWGS and its reputation.