Corrections to New Faculty Bios Article

Please note the following corrections regarding information posted in the Sept. 6, 2011 issue of Smoke and Scales for our new MLWGS faculty:

Sam Ulmschneider is a new full-time instructor in the Social Studies Department. (The Sep. 6 Smoke and Scales issue incorrectly reported him as an AP US History instructor).

Jennifer McCluskey is a new part-time instructor in the Social Studies Department. She will be teaching two sections of Global Studies during the first semester while Mrs. Germer is on maternity leave.  Mrs. McCluskey is a product of Washington and Lee University from which she graduated Phi Beta Kappa.  She taught for three years at the Governor’s School during its time in the Thomas Jefferson building.  Outside her teaching duties, Mrs. McCluskey is a soloist and cantor at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, a free-lance voiceover artist, and a free-lance copywriter. (This information is an addition to the article posted in The Sep. 6 Smoke and Scales issue).