Green Dragons: Come Ride and Read to Help Youth in Need

Dear Governor’s School Parents and Friends,
The 2011 MLWGS Read and Ride Program is searching for sponsors. With a modest financial commitment, you can help our students make a meaningful contribution to the lives of underprivileged kids in the Richmond area.
Modeled after the bikes-and-books programs that have been cropping up nationwide, the MLWGS Read and Ride Program challenges students, faculty and staff to log their time spent reading while riding one of two stationary bicycles available in the MLWGS Library. In addition to promoting physical fitness and a love of reading, Read and Ride aims to raise money for Books on Wheels, a Richmond-based, non-profit charitable organization that provides free books, bicycle parts and bike repair to at-risk youth in local low-income neighborhoods.
We kicked off the 2011 Read and Ride with a booth at last week’s Fall Festival. Head Librarian Wendy DeGroat and I are preparing a school media campaign to encourage members of the school community to start accruing minutes at the booth and, over the next ten weeks, in our Library.

If we can get just 10% of our students, faculty and staff to read and ride for ten minutes per week, we will accrue approximately 8000 minutes between September 30 and December 9. Why stop there? Our goal is to challenge members of the MLWGS community to accumulate 10,000 minutes over those ten weeks. If you or your business can pledge just five or ten cents for each minute of reading-and-riding performed in that time, we can raise a significant amount of money for Books on Wheels, and our entire school community—which includes Richmond and the surrounding 11 localities, including Hanover, Chesterfield and Henrico counties—will know that you and your business are committed to helping underprivileged kids.
We hope you will consider making a per-minute pledge. We are confident that, with your support, our student body can use this year’s MLWGS Read and Ride Program to make a difference in our community.
Thank you for considering our invitation. If you’d like to participate in Read and Ride, we invite you to stop by the MLWGS Library and start racking up the minutes!


Michael White and Wendy DeGroat

If you wish to support Read and Ride with a sponsorship pledge, please contact Michael White at 804-354-6800 ext. 3303