Parent Information Session on How to Pay For College

Mark your calendars! Ms. Susan Teerlink, a financial aid and scholarship adviser from GRASP, will speak at our PTSA meeting on Tuesday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the auditorium.  GRASP is a local organization that provides financial aid counseling in area high schools.  Ms. Teerlink works in  MLW school counseling office one day a week, and the focus of her talk will be paying for college and financial aid.  

In addition, our school counseling department will present an overview of MLW counseling services relevant to the college application process.  This session is open to all grade level parents and students.  We are starting the program early due to a basketball game in the gym and to give parents an opportunity to attend the meeting before going home for the evening. 

Please note that this program is in addition to the school’s annual college kick-off program for junior students and parents which will be held in February during school hours.  If you have any questions please email our school counseling chair Mr. Karl Zweerink at