Reading, Fun, Fame, Podcast!

Can you convince fellow Dragons to read one of your favorite books (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry) in 2 minutes or less? Create a podcast book trailer to hook them into reading it!

Visit the Reading Den to listen to several examples (clicking on a book cover launches an mp3 file). Unless noted otherwise, these podcasts are part of series by Nancy Keane called Booktalks Quick and Simple, but I'd rather feature voices from right here at MLWGS. 
Interested? Here are the ground rules:
  • The book must be in the MW Library's collection (to search the collection, click the appropriate Lib Catalog link on the left menu of any page of the library's web site).  Not here?  Recommend it!
  • Touch base with Mrs. Grois (in 241) or me to let us know you're interested and to schedule a recording time.
  • Write your script and bring it to your recording appointment.  Be sure to identify the book's title, author, and publisher in the podcast. And remember, no spoilers!
  • Record!  
I'll upload your podcast and link to it from the Reading Den page.  Students and staff are welcome to participate!

-Wendy DeGroat, Librarian