Yearbook Garners Top Honors

Dear Friends,

Please join me in congratulating the 2010-11 MLWGS Yearbook staff for earning a Trophy Class distinction in the annual VHSL publications judging! 

Last year’s staff, led by Editor-in-Chief Mattea Falk (Class of 2011) and Senior Section Editor Trey Nunnally (Class of 2012, and now the Editor-in-Chief), worked exceptionally hard to put together an attractive, creative book that provided an impressive breadth and depth of coverage of a year in the life of our school. The quality and originality of their work earned this highest possible honor for the second consecutive year. 

In the coming weeks the commemorative plaque will join its companion from last year on the wall in the Yearbook Lab, Room 121.

Again, congratulations to Mattea, Trey and the rest of the staff!

-Michael White