Get Ready to Advertise Your Maggie Walker Senior!

Now is the time to start putting together your Senior Ad in the 2012 Yearbook!

A large section of every Yearbook is devoted to Senior Ads. Here, seniors' families create their own tributes to their favorite graduates to tell them how proud they are of them, give them a special wish for the future, congratulate them on surviving MLWGS, encourage them in their future pursuits, and embarrass them beyond belief with compromising pictures from childhood.

Yearbook pages measure 8-1/2" by 11". Ads may be purchased to cover a full page ($220), 1/2-page ($140), or 1/4-page ($80). Please make checks payable to MLWGS.

Follow these Simple Instructions To Purchase a Senior Ad:
1) Prepare the picture(s) you wish to have published in your ad. Digital images of 300 dpi or higher are fine. If you send prints, please keep them loose. Note: When we scan photos that parents have already taped or glued to a sheet of paper, the result is often a low-quality image.

2) Include any text you wish to have inserted with your ad. Your child’s name will be inserted in the ad, as a kind of headline, but you may also choose to include a message as well.

3) Send photo prints and optional text to Mr. White’s attention, at MLWGS. Digital files with photo attachments are acceptable as long as the images have been separated into individual image attachments, with a minimum of 300 DPI, and may be emailed to or delivered to school on a CD or flash drive. Note: We cannot accept digital layouts that you have assembled yourself, as they tend to yield low-quality and hard-to-manipulate results.

The Yearbook staffers will use your photos and text to design an attractive ad. Please trust our staff; they will produce a layout that will make you proud!

Please remember to indicate:
a) The size you prefer the ad to be
b) Your name
c) The name of the senior being honored
d) Your address and phone number or email.
Submissions may be mailed, delivered to Mr. White’s mailbox in the front office, or dropped off on his desk in workroom 330.

Please note that the Yearbook editors and staff reserve the right to alter, edit, or reject photos or text due to spatial constraints or failure to comply with these guidelines.

We will make every effort to return your submission in early June. However, because we must send the photos to the Herff-Jones plant in Pennsylvania, we cannot guarantee that your photos will not get lost (though this has happened only once in ten years), so you may want to send high-quality copies of your most precious images.

Because ad space is limited, submissions are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, with the final deadline for submissions on Friday, January 6, 2012. Ads missing the deadline may be subject to a $15 late fee and may risk exclusion entirely. The Senior Ads section always fills up quickly, so don't delay!

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. White at or 354-6800 ext. 3303.