MLW Model Congress Successful at Princeton Conference

A "Capitol Evening" photographed 11/19/11 by Michael Chen during Princeton Model Congress  
The Maggie Walker Model Congress Club had record attendance at the Princeton Model Congress 2011 Conference held in Washington D.C, November 17th through November 20th. All twenty-nine MLWGS attendees applied their knowledge as informed citizens and Governor's School students to formulate and debate governmental policy in simulated congressional sessions. A large event, this year's Princeton Model Congress Conference consisted of more than 1600 participants from over forty schools. Schools with delegation varied from elite public schools to private preparatory schools across the East Coast, California, and Illinois. 
The PMC 2011 Conference consisted of four complete legislatures with students serving on various Senate and House committees including Foreign Relations, Judiciary, and Government Reform. In addition to the congresses, the PMC also includes a Supreme Court, President and Cabinet, and Press Corps. Nitin Nainani (’12) represented the Governor’s School in the Presidential Cabinet as the Secretary of State, while Justin Shawler (’12) was selected to be in the Press Corps. 
Many Maggie Walker delegates achieved passage of their bills in committee and went on to do well in the full House and Senate. Princeton students acted as committee chairs for the various Senate and House committees. At the conclusion of the conference the committee chairs selected award recipients based on policy expertise, communication skills, quality of writing, ability to compromise, and legislative effectiveness.
Congratulations to the entire delegation for their outstanding efforts and performance. The MLWGS team was successful across the board. Eight individual members of the MLWGS delegation were recognized for outstanding performance. 

Congratulations to the following students for winning "Gavels", the top award in their respective committees:
       Justin Shawler ('12)      Press Corps
       Yash Tekriwal  ('14)       Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
       Nathaniel Tombes ('14) Foreign Relations
       Johnny Mac Yates ('13) Appropriations

    Congratulations to the following students who were recognized with Honorable Mention awards:
           Chris Benos ('14)   Foreign Relations
           Michael Chen ('13) Appropriations
           Gabi deLeon ('13)  Armed Services
           Conan Zhao ('12)   Science and Technology
      On Friday, the Press Corps visited the Washington Post headquarters in D.C., and, on Saturday, the Maggie Walker delegation visited the Library of Congress. 

      Tired but still smiling MLW legislators returned home triumphantly, photographed 11/20/11 by Mrs. Linda Abbey
      In the upcoming months, the Model Congress club will attend another conference at Harvard, host Walker Model Congress, and make plans for attending a conference at The College of William and Mary. Walker Model Congress, a student run conference hosting middle and high schoolers from Virginia, New York, and North Carolina, will take place March 2nd and 3rd at Maggie Walker. 

      For more information about the Model Congress Club please contact club sponsor Mrs. McKay ( or club president Johnny Mac Yates (