Scholarship Counseling Options

Susan Teerlink is at MLWGS every Thursday as part of the GReat Aspirations Scholarship Program (GRASP) advisory team. In addition, GRASP has a volunteer advisor who is available at their Innsbrook office every other Monday as well as an advisor at the main Richmond Public Library on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Bob Davis is a Certified Financial Planner who has been in the field over 30 years. He volunteers at the GRASP office every other Monday to accommodate parents who cannot meet with their school's GRASP advisor for whatever reason. He is particularly adept at helping with difficult/complicated financial situations. To make an appointment with Bob, parents need to simply telephone the GRASP office at 804-527-7726.

Linda Woodley works for The State Council for Higher Education in Virginia. Linda has also been a GRASP advisor for a number of years, and staffs the evening library program. Linda is available at the main Richmond Public Library on Tuesday evenings. To make an appointment with Linda, call GRASP at 804-527-7726.

Bob and Linda are both great resources for families who cannot meet with their high school's GRASP advisor on the day or time when the advisor is in the school. The evening hours that Linda provides are of particular assistance to working parents who cannot afford to take time off from work to meet with their GRASP advisor.