Special Thank You to Our GSGIS/MLWGS Alumni Veterans

In honor of Veteran's Day, we salute and recognize our TJ and MLW Governor's School alumni who are currently serving or who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We thank you for your honorable service to our country and are proud to have you as alumni.

Sam Easterling ’95 (Army)
Tara Feyerherd Kelly ’95 (Marines)
Andy Krebs ’96 (Air Force)
April Fuller ’96 (Army)
Hunter Glass ’96 (Marines)
Jeffrey Wyatt ’96 (Marines)
Joel Charboneau ’96 (Marines)
Calvin Dalton ’97 (Marines)
Neil Hines ’97 (Navy)
Sarah Burk Bragg ’97 (Air Force)
Yonina Creditor ’97 (Navy)
Herbert Law ’98 (Coast Guard)
Kara Pond Rey ’98 (Army)
Phillip Askew ’98 (Army)
Adam Brooks ’99 (Air Force)
Chris Wilson ’99 (Army)
Michael Morton ’99 (Army)
Abram Burk ’00 (Air Force)
Jon Phillips ’00 (Army)
Jordan Rhea ’00 (Marines)
Marcy Frazho ’00 (Air Force)
Ashley Holmes ’01 (Army)
Grace (Glaze) Freeze ’01 (Army)
Matthew Dolci ’01 (Marines)
Nathan Hepler ’01 (Army)
Stephen Hall ’01 (Navy)
Victoria Starks ’01 (Army)
Jessamyn Liu ’02 (Army)
Lauren Wall ’02 (Army)
Sarah Harding ’02 (Navy)
Scott Wilson ’02 (Army)
Shalin Sood ’02 (Marines)
Christopher Wootton ’03 (Army)
John Kennedy ’03 (Navy)
Mike Burns ’03 (Navy)
Alex Sherwood ’04 (Army)
Greg Ericksen ’04 (Navy)
Jesse King ’04 (Army)
Scott Feeley ’04 (Navy)
Stewart Sibert ’04 (Coast Guard)
Alex Burk ’05 (Air Force)
Kelly (Zahalka) Storrs ’05 (Marines)
Lauren (Milliron) Aepli ’05 (Navy)
Nick Skaperdas ’05 (Navy)
Scott Terry ’05 (Navy)
Lydia Powell ’06 (Army)
Alexander Muth ’07 (Army)
David Bauer ’07 (Navy)
Jay Parrish ’07 (Army)
T.J. Kennedy ’08 (Coast Guard)
Steven Funes ’09 (Army)