Donate Your Old eReader or Tablet to MLWGS Library

Is someone in your family upgrading to a new iPad, Nook, or Kindle this holiday season? Consider donating the old one to the MW Library! Protective covers are appreciated, too. 

The donated Kindles and Nooks will be incorporated into our library’s existing E-reader Lending Program. The iPads will be used to create mobile discovery stations connected with various themes/topics of interest to students. This donation program will run from December 6 through 16 and again from January 2 through 12.

If you’d like to participate, here’s what to do:
  • Check one more time to make sure the device is in good working order (no defective, damaged, or buggy devices please)
  • Gather up related power cords, chargers, etc.
  • For Kindles and Nooks, deregister the e-reader from your Amazon or B&N account.
  • For iPads, go to Settings, Reset, Reset all Settings to restore the device to factory settings, and then make sure to contact AT&T or Verizon to remove the device from your data plan.
  • Drop off the device and charger – and its protective cover if you’re not going to be reusing it for another device - at the MW Library. Please include a note with your name, phone number, address, and email, so that we can properly thank you.
  • Is your device broken?  Please don’t throw it in the trash - recycle it!  Amazon has a Kindle recycling program. Apple has a recycling program too. Unfortunately, B&N has no similar program for recycling Nooks. To find out the best way to dispose of those in an environmentally responsible manner, contact your local waste management service. 
  • Interested in selling the device? Check the information at Gazelle, a company that buys and resells used electronic devices. For Apple products that still have a monetary value, you might want to participate in their Reuse and Recycling program.
For more information about our library’s donation program, please feel free to call Wendy DeGroat at 354-6800 x1101 or email me at