MLWGS Foundation Sponsors Poet Laureate Nominee in Residence

A Foundation grant funded a week-long artist in residency by poet Chuck Sullivan in November. Mr. Sullivan, who was nominated for the prestigious title of Poet Laureate in North Carolina, conducted master classes in poetry for the Creative Writing students as well as other English classes.

The largest fundraising campaign to support the school is the Annual Fund Campaign. In addition to reaching out to current parents, the Annual Fund Campaign is supported by alumni, alumni parents, and other friends of the school.

So far this year, the Annual Fund Campaign has raised $104,686 for the school, which is 47% of our $225,000 goal. Overall current parent participation is 38%, and here is the parent participation by class:

·      Senior parents: 48%
·      Junior parents: 46%
·      Sophomore parents: 44%
·      Freshmen parents: 16%

The Governor’s School Foundation’s Annual Fund Campaign supports programs for students, grants for teacher continuing education, and special projects for facilities and equipment. If you have not yet donated, you may do so online at .