PSAT Score Distribution and SAT Information

PSAT score reports will be distributed to students during lunch this week. Juniors received their score reports on Monday, Sophomores will receive their reports on Tuesday, and Freshmen, on Wednesday.

Juniors will need to register for the SAT Reasoning Test at We recommend registering for the March 10 test date (registration deadline is February 10). Sophomores in advanced classes and juniors should also consider registering for the SAT Subject Tests given on June 2 (registration deadline is May 8).

Many colleges do not require the SAT Subject Tests, but the MLWGS counseling department recommends that students take at least one Subject Test in math and one in an area of student choice in case they are required by prospective colleges. In this way, students will be able to take the Subject Test at the end of the course to maximize scores and not have to take the test during their senior year after considerable time has passed. Some math and science oriented programs require students to take a Subject Test in a science as well. Please check with college admissions websites for requirements of specific schools.

Please contact your child’s counselor if you have any additional questions regarding PSAT scores or SATs.