New Option for Creating Citations

The MLWGS Library is happy to announce that students now have access to the citation management site Easybib. This trial access, valid through April 30, 2012, gives students the opportunity to compare the functionality of this tool with Noodle Tools to see which they prefer.   

Students – don’t worry, if you opt to switch from Noodle Tools to Easybib, Ms. DeGroat will make sure that there’s plenty of time (beyond April) to transition from one tool to the other.

Easybib’s accuracy and features have now surpassed rival Noodle Tools in interface design (appearance and efficiency) and mobile support, and have nearly caught up on digital note-taking (they’re still tweaking the "Notebook" feature). There’s also the potential to set up a seamless interface between Easybib and the MLWGS Google Apps account.

Here are several familiar features:
·         Support for three documentation styles: MLA, APA, and CMS
·         The option to add annotations
·         Built-in help for how to format in-text references
·         Cleanly formatted export of the finished source list
·         Ability to share lists with your teacher and for your teacher to add comments

In addition, free apps for iPhone and iPad allow you to use the camera function of these devices to zap a book’s ISBN and get a citation automatically. 

If you have any questions, or would like more user assistance, please stop by the library.