AP Exam Information

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School students will be registering for AP exams online using an on-line service company called Total Registration.

Important AP Exam Dates:  

February 13                     On-line registration begins

March 2                           On-line registration ends
February 28 - March 2      AP Fees collected in the School Counseling Office  
                                       (cash or check)
AP exams are $87.00 each and must be paid before MLWGS can order them. Checks should be made out to “MLW Governor’s School.” Registration forms and exam fee(s) will be collected during lunch and all afternoon blocks in the School Counseling Office according to the following schedule:
February 28     Seniors - lunch, 6th and 8th block 

February 29     Juniors - lunch, 5th and 7th block

March 1          Freshmen and Sophomores - lunch, 6th and 8th block

March 2         Remaining students - lunch and all afternoon blocks

The 2011 AP Bulletin for Students and Parents and more information about the on-line registration process will be distributed in AP classes soon.
Please see Ms. Deck in the School Counseling office or email her at pdeck@gsgis.k12.va.us.