Boost Your Brain Power During Fitness February!

From February 6 through March 2, the MW Library and the Health/PE teachers are co-sponsoring a class competition for the most on-campus CARDIO workout minutes. All participants from the class logging the most minutes between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays during the competition period will win a PIZZA PARTY!

There will also be weekly individual prizes and incentives to keep things interesting.

Any on-campus CARDIO activity counts, including exercise bikes, treadmill, jump rope and cardio fitness activities with a sports team. 

Pick up a fitness log to record your minutes (available in library or fitness center) and keep your log in the designated files in one of those two locations. Each workout should be verified by the fitness center supervisor, librarian (if you’re using the library bikes), or participating coach.

Students can earn bonus points by recruiting teachers, staff, coaches, and administrators to contribute to their total class minutes
  • Teacher, staff, and coach minutes count x 2 toward the class total  (e.g. Coach Hawkins works out for 30 minutes; class earns 60 minutes)
  • Administrator minutes count x 3 toward the class (e.g. Mr. Tharp works out for 30 minutes; class earns 90 minutes)

The purpose of Fitness February is to raise awareness about the positive impact that exercise can have on brain function, including improvements in learning and memory as well as to encourage as many people as possible to stay active during this often sedentary winter month.