French Congres Team Wins Awards

Dr. McLees sponsored the MLWGS Chesterfield French Congres team, which participated in this year’s competitions on Saturday, March 3. MLWGS students took the following awards:

Alexis Xu('12), 1st place in Level 2 Poetry Recitation
Helen Li ('15), 1st place Level 4+ Poetry Recitation competition
Tallie Hausser('15) and Erica Lashley ('14), 1st place Level 4+ French Idol competition (singing).

Li wrote her own poem and recited it to the 500+ participants at the Congres. 

Haussmann and Lashley were voted the winners by the majority of Congres participating schools after performing before the full audience.  

"Felicitations!", Congratulations to our French Congres MLWGS team!