Seniors Thank their Local School Board

On Feb. 23, MLWGS seniors Drew Anderson, Simon Wake, Jake Shaw, Scott Hazelwood and Michelle Shuman attended a Henrico County School Board meeting to communicate their appreciation for the opportunity to attend Maggie Walker. The students had an opportunity to share their personal experiences at Maggie Walker as well as interact with the board members prior to the meeting. 
Each year, the PTSA coordinates student visits to the various school boards that support Maggie Walker.  There are multiple reasons for these visits, but most importantly, the students are able to use their own words to describe what an impact the school and the staff at Maggie Walker have had on them.

Emphasizing the value of regional funding of MLWGS by all the participating school districts is an essential factor in helping sustain the future of our Governor's School

Please contact Sidney Bland, PTSA School Board Visit Coordinator ( or Julie Weissend (, PTSA President, to learn more about visits and contacts with our district school boards. To email the Henrico County school board members, please visit