Spring Camp-Out Planned for Sophomores

The Class of 2014 is organizing a camping trip at Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield. Camp will be at the Algonquian Ecology Camp for the evening of Saturday, March 31 until the morning of Sunday, April 1. This area of the park includes cabins with cots and mattresses that can hold 4-6 people, a heated dining hall, showers and bathrooms. Students are to arrive at the camp site from 3:00-4:00 pm on Saturday and depart at 11:00 am on Sunday. Students may be dropped off and picked up directly at the site, and bus transportation will also be available to and from Maggie Walker. Dinner and breakfast along with s’mores and other snacks will be provided. 
The cost, including transportation, meals, and cabin rental, is $25. Cash and checks are accepted, and all checks should be made payable to MLWGS.

While camping, the students will participate in various activities including team sports, bonfires, a night hike, and possibly a scavenger hunt. There will also be free time allotted, and students are expected to respect camp quiet hours from 11:00 pm-4:00 am. Students should return to their cabins at 11:00pm and lights out will be at 12:00am.

Students will need to bring:
  • personal bedding, such as pillows, sheets and blanket, or a sleeping bag
  • change of clothes, closed-toe shoes, warm clothing, and toiletries
  • flashlight, bug spray, and any other items needed for the night.
  • if medicine is needed, it must be given to Mr. Barnes and an additional form must be completed.
  • When packing please keep in mind the School Code of Conduct. Drugs, alcohol, firearms, fireworks, or any other illegal goods are strictly forbidden.         
Finally, donated food is needed to have sufficient amounts of food for everyone.  Please contact faculty class sponsor Mr. Barnes (dbarnes@gsgis.k12.va.us) or class parent Mrs. Mills (millsbjm@aol.com) if you are able to donate.  Money collection will run March 1 - 26

Contact Mr. Barnes or Mr. Mills for the school forms that must be completed and returned to Mr. Barnes in workroom 306 ASAP. There is only room for 100 students, and it is first come, first served!