Submitting News to Smoke and Scales

Did you know...

  • that Smoke and Scales is your key source for staying up to date with MLWGS community news, online, each week of the school year, made possible through the MLWGS PTSA?

  • that Smoke and Scales is edited and distributed every week by a small team of parent volunteers,

  • that Smoke and Scales is not allowed to publish content pertaining to commercial opportunities or events?

  • that in order to be published, news articles and announcements must first be sent to with any accompanying photos and graphical material  attached (or sent separately) as JPEG files?

  • Smoke and Scales does not publish signed letters and editorials (unless submitted by MLWGS administration or the PTSA president) in order to maintain a consistent, professional editorial tone and format?

  • submitted articles and announcements must be received no later than 2 pm Friday to be considered for publication in the Smoke and Scales issue published on the following Tuesday?

Please click on S&S Submission Guidelines to learn more about Smoke and Scales newsletter publishing. This information is also available by clicking the link located at the bottom of each weekly issue of Smoke and Scales. 

Contributors are encouraged to review the guidelines to learn more about how to submit news for the MLWGS community.