Congress-Bundestag Scholarships Awarded

Samantha Mladen('12) and Michael Drash('12) have been awarded the prestigious Congress-Bundestag Scholarship, to live and study in Germany for one year. Mladen has been accepted to Georgetown University and Drash to UVA, but both will postpone their studies for the coming year in order to immerse themselves in the German language and culture.

Initiated in 1983, the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange program was created to strengthen ties between Germany and the United States through citizen diplomacy. The program was founded in celebration of the 300th year anniversary of the first German immigration to the US, and is jointly funded by US Congress and the German Bundestag.

MWGS alumnus Dexter Gulick('08) has also been accepted as one of 75 recipients of the Congress-Bundestag Scholarship for Young Professionals. He will live and work in Germany for one year.

All MLWGS students have the opportunity to apply for this scholarship. German is not required, but would be helpful. Please contact Dawn Grois for more information (