Foundation Support for We the People

The Governor’s School Foundation is pleased to congratulate the MLWGS We the People Team XV on their outstanding performance at the district, state, and national competitions. We are proud that the Foundation was able to help sustain MLWGS' We the People winning tradition by funding our team at the national competition.

The Foundation was able to do this because of generous contributions from a wide range of supporters, including many team parents. We would like to offer a special thank you to the following:

Mead Westvaco
NewMarket Corporation
Le Clair Ryan
S B Cox

Matching contributions:
Altria Corporation
Capital One Services
Dominion Foundation
Genworth Foundation
Tredegar Corporation

The Mays Family
Fred and Mary Morton
Marsh and Sarah Merriman
Mathis Kirby-Powelson
Deb and Mike Sawyer

Denise Yagel
Sam Ulmschneider
Lynn Reed
Hal Waller
Portia Chan