Martin's Card Program Earns Big Bucks

A big thank you to all MLWGS friends and families who linked their MARTIN'S BONUSCARD to our school. Last year, MLWGS earned $1,800 through this program, and this year's earnings jumped to $2, 712.

Maggie Walker finished a strong 5th in overall earnings for the greater Richmond Community. Here's how the top 5 lined up:

$9,251 to Mills E. Godwin High School, Henrico County
$3,626 to Grange Hall Elementary School, Moseley
$3,111 to Longdale Elementary School, Glen Allen
$2,899 to W.W. Gordon Elementary School, Chesterfield County
$2,712 to Maggie L. Walker Governor's School, Richmond 

For families participating in FoodLion and Target programs, please remember that these particular programs continue throughout the year for additional school earnings.