MLWGS Scholarship Nominees and Winners Announced

The following senior students were nominated by MLWGS for scholarships or recognition this spring, some through tough selection processes by the scholarship committee. These students will be representing MLWGS: 

GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship: Cameron Turner, Eric Ott, Eileen Wang, and Charles Fricke

Delta Sigma Theta Young Achievers: LaJuan Neal and Brittany Miller

8WRIC Best of the Class: Judy Hou

Civitan Honor Key Award: Caroline Rose

Lexus Weekly Winners: Ryan Murphy, Siobhan Rigby, and Alex Pinkleton

All scholarship/award recipients will be recognized as a group at the Senior Awards Assembly on June 8. 

Parents should encourage seniors to complete the Senior Survey on Naviance so that the Counseling Department has information about all awards received.