Senior Showcase and Freshman Cookout on June 6th

Parents of seniors are invited to attend Senior Showcase Day on Wednesday, June 6, from 8:45 am to 3:10 pm at MLWGS.  Seniors will make presentations on their respective topics of interest which they have studied through a seminar or mentorship over the course of this school year. Invitations (with schedules) were mailed earlier this week. 

IMPORTANT NOTE to STUDENTS: On the morning of June 6, all students will report to their first block class to pick up their schedules for the day. It will be important for all students to follow the schedule because of space limitations. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Volunteers are needed to staff various stations throughout the school. It’s an important but easy job – feel free to bring a book or some other project to work on during quiet moments. The schedule consists of four sessions:  8:50 – 10:10 am; 10:20 to 11:40 am; 12:20 to 1:40 pm; and 1:50 to 3:10 pmVolunteers may sign up for one session or combine two for a half-day morning or afternoon shift.  If interested, please contact Sharon Parker at  

Attention Freshmen Parents: Three to five freshman parents are needed to work with Paige Hawkins, Mike Brown and Don Blanton in preparing a cookout for the freshmen class on this day. These volunteers will be needed from 10:15 am to 2:00 pm. Freshmen will attend the cookout starting at 11:35 and enjoy field activities until 1:45 (please dress comfortably but appropriately).  At 1:45, the freshmen will return to the auditorium for a presentation by The Writing Seminar.