Bike to School Day

The Governors School Foundation provided generous support of Bike-to-School Day on June 1, and the entire Bike Month celebration organized by the MLWGS Library. Several teachers and students biked to school on June 1 and were greeted with cheers, bagels, coffee, and orange juice.  By the time to bell rang for school to begin, the bike racks were full! 

Thanks also to Tom Boyle who taught a fun and practical City Biking class on May 17, parent Doug Burton for lending wheels for the City Biking class, Rowlett’s who donated bike helmets, Carytown Bikes who donated Richmond bike stickers, Irvin Charles for his help with set-up for Bike-to-School Day, Paige Hawkins, Mike Brown, and Don Blanton for their help promoting this month’s events through their health/PE classes, Lisa Williams and the English teachers for promoting this month’s writing contest, Bear O’Bryan, David Barnes, Brenda Thornton, Anna Shore, Paige Hawkins, Tom Boyle, and Holly Brown (from the Class of 2010) for sending profiles for the Dragons Bike! display (which provided trivia for the trivia challenge earlier this month), and to everyone who wrote on the library’s “Why Bike?” chalkboard wall.

Click here for additional Bike to School photos. The MW Library is already looking forward to Bike Month 2013!