French Students Earn High Honors

Congratulations to the following students who ranked in the top 10 nationally on the National French Contest:

At Level 5: Alia Prasad & Nirali Jantrania

At Level 4: Kevin Yuan & Matt King

At Level 3: Anant Kharkar, Abigail Simon, Connor Wood, Feline Lucas, Coly Elhai, Lia Russell, Kaya Prasad & Kiara Williams

At Level 2: Eliza Bellamy, Shweta Tembe, Alexis Xu, Eliza Goodpasture, & Madline Oliver

At Level 1: Erin Bragg & Victoria Herrera

In addition, placing in the top 10 ranks of the Virginia Chapter on the National French Contest are:

Level 5: Helena Barth, Corinne Bowers, Annie Valentine & Johnny Mac Yates.

Level 4: Catesby Wolski, Christopher Benos, Hannah Lyons & Maria Araujo.

Level 3: Richard Watson, Sharon Yat-Espana, & Kaleigh Thomas.

French at MLWGS is taught by Barrett Brown, Susan Hefty and Ainslie McLees.