New Smoke and Scales Banner Unfurled!

Congratulations to Arthur Wu ('12), this year's winner of the Smoke and Scales Banner Design Contest. Wu is a senior who plans to attend UVA in the fall. He submitted a smoky, backlit green and white image which emerged from a group of seven entries as the winning design.

"This is a really strong direction, reads well, and draws my eye to the banner immediately," said Ronnie Peters, principal at Planet Three Sixty, a New York-based web design firm that judged the contest. "Great job all around."

Each of the seven designs submitted was evaluated by Planet Three Sixty on composition, craftsmanship/skill, overall impact and creativeness.

The new banner, which appears for the first time at the top of this issue, will run through the 2012-2013 school year. Smoke and Scales will be on summer hiatus until school resumes in the fall. 

This year's editorial team consisted of MLWGS parents Joan Yates, Jay Alexander and Phaedra Hise. Alexander and Hise will return to edit S&S in the coming year. 

Parents with experience in newswriting, editing, publishing, or computer graphics are asked to consider joining next year's volunteer "Smoke and Scales" team. This is a rewarding way to use your skills to support Maggie Walker and become that vital link which helps keep our Green Dragon community "linked in" with all the latest MLWGS news. Please contact or call Phaedra Hise (804)342-2372 as soon as possible.