Turning Japanese in Princeton

Over the summer, three MLWGS students, Kevin Yuan, Matthew King, and Mackenzie Neal, participated in the AIU High School Diplomats program at Princeton University. High School Diplomats (HSD), is an enriching cultural exchange program between America and Japan. Forty students from each country are chosen to attend the program, and each American is paired with a Japanese roommate for the ten days they live on campus. Every day at Princeton has a theme, such as Country Fair Day and Halloween, which helps students break the ice and learn more about each other’s cultures through games, costumes, and conversation. Each day at Princeton also includes language and culture classes ranging from beginner to advanced level taught by a native speaker.

To share more about their respective cultures, students prepared and presented various topics about their country, such as government, education, and social issues. The Japanese students also provided an evening of pure Japanese culture - Bunka no Hi day - when students learn calligraphy, tea ceremony, traditional games, traditional songs, how to roll sushi, and dance.

The HSD application process includes a teacher recommendation, short essays, and an interview. There is no Japanese language requirement to attend the program. To learn more about the application process, visit the HSD website, or contact the HSD staff by e-mail.