School Adds Phone Contact System

MLWGS recently implemented a new school notification system called Power Announcement. This notification system is loaded with new features that will make it easier to keep in contact. 

Power Announcement allows the school to send messages using both email and voice. Voice calls will be sent with 804-354-6800 as the caller ID number (parents may want to add this number to their address books to identify calls from the school). Unexcused absence calls will be made daily – once at 10:00am for students who are not in their first block class and again at the end of the day for students who miss any block during the day. Parents may receive two calls for students who have an unreported absence all day.

Power Announcement is integrated with the existing PowerSchool Parent Portal.  Log on to the Parent Portal to see a new link called “Power Announcement.” Parents can see their contact information, choose communication preferences, or opt-out of any message category except for Emergency Messages. 

By default, every message type and field is selected for every category, and messages will go to every contact field shown and every message category that has all the message types chosen unless changed by the subscriber. Any call charges associated with receipt of messages from the school are parents' responsibility and not that of the school.

Emergency messages are always sent with all message types (email and voice calls) and to every contact field shown even for parents who have opted out, and this cannot be changed. Emergency messages will be clearly labeled.

For parents without access to log into the Parent Portal, or for any other questions, please contact school administratoin directly