Sharing Is Caring: Lend an Item to the Fall Festival!

On Friday, Oct. 5, the front lawn and drive of MLWGS will be transformed into a Global Celebration, with four full hours of entertainment, activities and eating opportunities. To make the festival happen, the MLWGS community is asked to lend (or give) various essential items:

 - Extension cords: 20 amp, 12 AWG, 50’ or 100’ long
 - Work lights: one or two on a single, freestanding base, 6’ or 8’ tall
 - Pop-up tents: 10’x10’

 - Wheeled coolers: 30-can capacity or larger
 - Hand trucks (3)
 - Golf cart or small ATV for transportation purposes
 - “Quiet” generator, 2000 watts or greater

If items will need to be returned, please mark them with your name and colorful duct tape. Generators will be returned the weekend after the festival.

To donate or for more info, please e-mail And be sure to check the Facebook page for updates: