Juniors Must Finish Mentorship Survey

SEMINAR/MENTORSHIPS:  This is to notify parents that the junior class has received their package of information on seminars and mentorships for academic year 2013-14. Students will have until Friday, Nov. 2, to complete the online survey. Students have the option of 17 seminars on which to vote – some will make it, some will not. Students also have the option of deciding to take a mentorship. Please note that mentorships are based on the student’s ability to provide transportation, as well as academic standing, attendance and discipline. 

Parents and guardians are asked to please remind students to take the survey, and to review the options available to students. Also, please be mindful that no seminar or mentorship is guaranteed. It is a long process and many factors must be considered, including staffing, scheduling and budgeting. Please contact sparker@gsgis.k12.va.us with any questions.