Spring Break Trip to Greece Planned

Students have an opportunity to discover a remarkable era in human history, one that saw key advances in math, architecture, politics and philosophy. In Ancient Greece, mortals mingled with gods. See where they communed, from Delphi to Athens to the Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion. Meanwhile, well-preserved archaeological sites like Epidaurus and Mycenae bring the Ancient Greeks’ daily life into focus. Students will connect with the Greek culture through their traditions, dance, music , food, language!

Grecian Odyssey itinerary: 
Day 1: Fly overnight to Greece
Day 2: Athens
Day 3: Athens
Day 4: Athens
Day 5: Delphi • Patras
Day 6: Olympia • Argolida
Day 7: Epidaurus • Mycenae • Athens
Day 8: Cape Sounion • Athens
Day 9: Depart for home

First informative meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10  during noon in the Forum. Leader group: Ms. Gabriela Georgiadis