Scholarship Nominees Announced

Congratulations to this fall’s scholarship nominees! The following students were nominated by Maggie Walker for scholarships this fall, some through tough selection processes by the scholarship committee. Many of these students are in the midst of competing in regional, state and national competitions for these scholarships. MLWGS is proud to have these students represent the school, and they now advance to the next stage of their selection processes:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Morehead-Cain Scholarship: Christine Gao

North Caroline State University, Park Scholarship: Jaia Greene and Kia Jordan

Washington University in St. Louis, Danforth Scholarship: Anousheh Bakhti-Suroosh, Kate Baumann, Sarah Boegner, Charlotte Carr, John Darr, Gabi de Leon, Rachel Galton, and Tarun Ganesh

University of Virginia, Jefferson Scholars: Robert Jones and Gray Whisnant

University of Notre Dame, Hesborgh-Yusko Scholarship: John Darr

Davidson College, Belk Scholarship: John Darr

Emory University, Emory Scholars: Kate Baumann, Kia Jordan, and Nemo Keller

Duke/UNC- Chapel Hill, Robertson Scholars (all students may apply; MWGS was asked to select three students for an interview): Kate Baumann, Audrey Kriva, Natalie Pita

Boston University, Trustees Scholarship: Helena Barth, Bobby Bohnke, Neelam Jhurani, Leon Jia, Emma Kerr, Samantha Little, Catherine Liptak, Caitlin McTiernan, Jonas, Rogers, Emily Sacks, Kaleigh Thomas

U.S. Senate Youth Program: Andrew Morton

Wendy’s High School Heisman School Winners: Alex de Capri and Rachel Galton

Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award: Annie Valentine

Harry F. Byrd Leadership Award: Johnny Mac Yates

Prudential Spirit of Community Award: Leon Jia

Comcast Leaders & Achievers Award: John Ziegler

Interfaith Council of Greater Richmond Brotherhood/Sisterhood Award: Anousheh Bakhti-Suroosh