Subscribing to Smoke and Scales

Two weeks ago, we let you know that we had changed to a new software platform for sending our weekly email alerts. Since then, we have had a few inquiries ranging from how to add an additional email address to how to re-subscribe after accidentally unsubscribing. The new software, Constant Contact, makes it easier for individuals to manage their own subscription.

If you have not already signed up to receive our weekly email alerts and would like to, simply complete our Subscription Form (it can also be found at the bottom of Smoke and Scales each week). You should also use this form if you are already subscribed, but would like to receive the email alerts at another email address.

If you are already subscribed and want to either change your email address or unsubscribe altogether, please use the "Update Profile/Email Address" link found at the bottom of each week's email message.

Thank you for your interest in Smoke and Scales!