Dragon Charm Arrives at Dragon's Lair

A logo charm made exclusively for Maggie Walker by Capri Jewelers is a great gift for students celebrating a holiday, winning an award or just plain ol' being special.This 3/4" sterling silver charm fits perfectly on a charm bracelet or silver necklace, $55.

Each month the Dragon's Lair will be open during evening events to help accommodate parents schedules.

Check out the store on Dec. 10 and Dec. 12 during Jazz Band Concert and Orchestra/Chorus Concert. A special area will be set up outside the auditorium selling merchandise from 6:30-7:00pm, and available in the cafeteria after  the performance.

The Dragon's Lair is open every Tuesday and Friday during lunch and during after-school special events. Cash and checks only. Visit http://mlwgsdragons.weebly.com/index.html to see the complete line of Dragon merchandise.