MLWGS Robotics Team Partners With Community High

Regina Easter, co-captain of Team 405, works with
dragons Zach Allen Chesterfield '14) and
Victor Dao (Chesterfield '15) on this year's robot
FIRST is an organization that strives to inspire a love and understanding of mathematics and science in students, and every year they hold the FIRST Robotics Competition where teams design and build their own robots to complete challenges. 

In the beginning of February, Richmond Community High School’s FIRST Robotics Team 405 encountered a management obstacle—no teachers willing to support them. Richmond Community High’s team has had to fold, not because of lack of funding or student interest, but because there weren't enough teachers or mentors to support this year’s season.
In response, Maggie Walker’s Team 422 has invited Team 405’s seniors to join their ranks for the rest of the season, and on February 12th they had their first official meeting together.

“The seniors of Richmond Community High are very excited to join, and grateful that Maggie Walker invited them”, said Regina Easter, co-captain of Team 405.