Students Coach Winning We the People Team

Since last fall, six Maggie Walker students have organized and coached Lucille Brown Middle School’s first “We the People” team.  Lucille Brown’s team earned a silver medal at the state “We the People” competition in Williamsburg on Feb. 16.  The Lucille Brown competitors finished just behind defending state champion Midlothian Middle School and ahead of nine regional “We the People” champions coached by experienced educators.

This success began with Maggie Walker Johnny Mac Yates (Richmond '13) getting the support of Lucille Brown’s administration and staff for starting a “We the People” team.  Yates hoped to use the skills he acquired as part of the MLWGS “We the People” team to benefit younger students in Richmond.  Yates quickly enlisted the aid of other “We the People” alumni in preparing Lucille Brown. Seniors John Darr (Henrico), Selena Kitchens, Abigail Simon (Richmond), Annie Valentine (Richmond), and Gray Whisnant (Henrico) assisted in coaching Lucille Brown’s “We the People” team. The coaches from MLWGS were recognized by the MLWGS regional board on Feb. 21 for their exceptional leadership in running Lucille Brown’s program.