Budget Work Session Set for Thursday

The Regional School Board for the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School will meet on Thursday, Mar. 21, at 9:00am in the Board Room on the second floor (located diagonally across from the auditorium). Parents from all participating school districts are encouraged to attend - just arrive a few minutes before 9:00 to get a good seat! This work session is a key component in the MLWGS budget process. Regional School Board members will review and discuss budget options for the 2013-14 school year.

Please note two additional key dates in the MLWGS Budget process:
Apr. 18, 9:00 am: 2013-14 Budget formally proposed to Regional School Board
May 16, 9:00 am: Regional School Board vote on 2013-14 budget

The Regional School Board is composed of school board members from each participating school district and serves as the governing body for MLWGS. The RSB meets monthly and is pleased to have parents attend. Please click here for more information about the RSB and to review the minutes of past meetings.