State History Bowl Team Cleans Up

Left to right: Andrew Leffler (Henrico '15),
Robert Morris, 
Erik Akbar, Connor Wood,
Patrick Canteros (front), 
Michael Benos (back),
 Joseph Kump (Chesterfield '15), 
Utkarsha Bhave
(Henrico '15), Claire Panak (Henrico '14), 
Bekenstein, Raleigh Matteo, Mikey Valacer, Jr., 

and Vasa Clarke.
On Saturday, Mar. 9, thirteen Maggie Walker students participated in the State History Bowl and Bee held in Charlottesville at Monticello High School. Team members Jordan Bekenstein (Henrico '13), Vasa Clarke (Henrico '14), Raleigh Matteo (Henrico '13) and Mikey Valacer, Jr. (Hanover '13) placed first in the Varsity State Bowl. Freshmen Erik Akbar (Chesterfield), Michael Benos (Chesterfield), Patrick Canteros (Chesterfield), Robert Morris (Chesterfield), and Connor Wood (Henrico '15) placed second in the Junior Varsity State Bowl. Bekenstein placed first and Clarke placed third in the varsity bee, while Wood placed second in the junior varsity bee. 

The National History Bowl and Bee will be held Apr. 27 and 28 in Washington, DC.