Junior Tops Science Lists

From left: Dr. Jay Siegel, Chief Biotechnology
Officer for Janssen R&D, Marquez, Dr. Jeffrey
Almond, VP for SanofiPasteur
On April 21, Samantha Marquez (Chesterfield ’14) was named one of the ten finalists in the 2013 US National BioGENEius Challenge held in Chicago, IL.

On April 23, Marquez, as a finalist as well for the International BioGENEius Challenge competition, was selected as one of four finalists to be interviewed for NPR’s Biotech Nation Program.

Dr. Jeffrey Almond, VP of SanofiPasteur Corporation, said that “the top ten finalists are truly inspirational in showing how using groundbreaking biotechnology can improve our everyday lives."

The International finalists represent the world's best young minds in Biotechnology and Biosciences.