Math Team Repeats Modeling Contest Win

Led by the success of the team that included Harrison Grinnan (Chesterfield '13), William Kunkel (Henrico '14), Lisa Li (Henrico '13) and Jonas Rogers (Henrico '13), MLWGS was once again one of the top performing schools in the recent COMAP- sponsored math modeling contest.

The team garnered National Outstanding honors (top 1% worldwide). In addition, the team of seniors Karthik Chetty, Thu Dao and Daniel Leibovic, all from Henrico, earned National Finalist honors (top 3% worldwide). Also, MLWGS had three other teams receive Finalist recognition, giving MLWGS five teams total in the top 13%.

The competition featured 518 competing teams. Teams have 36 hours to write papers detailing how they would model one of two given real-world problems. One of this year’s problems dealt with modeling fluctuations in gas prices while the other dealt with modeling populations of elk. A day-and-a-half’s worth of exhausting effort resulted in papers that ranged from 15 to 30 pages in length.